Double Bifolds

Double Bifolds

A double bifold wallet is a type of wallet that has two bifolds, creating four sections. The two outer sections are typically used to store cash, while the two inner sections are used to store credit cards, ID cards, and other personal belongings. Double bifold wallets are a popular choice for men because they are compact and lightweight, yet they still offer plenty of storage space.
Here is a synopsis of a double bifold wallet:
    •    A type of wallet with two folds, creating four sections.
    •    Typically used to store cash, credit cards, ID cards, and other personal belongings.
    •    Compact and lightweight.
    •    Popular choice for men and women.

If you are considering buying a double bifold wallet, there are a few things you should keep in mind:
    •    The size of the wallet. Make sure the wallet is big enough to fit all of your essentials, but not so big that it is bulky or uncomfortable to carry.
    •    The material of the wallet. Leather is a popular choice, because of its durability. 
    •    The style of the wallet. There are many different styles of double bifold wallets available, so choose one that you think looks good and that will suit your needs.
    •    The price of the wallet. Double bifold wallets can range in price from around $20 to $200 or more. Our wallet prices are very much affordable.

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  1. Real Leather double bifold wallet with 2 id windows
    Mens Double Bifold Genuine Leather Wallet | 12 card slots | Dual ID Window | Zip Notes Sleeve | Lot of Cards Wallet
    As low as $64.95
  2. hidden wallet
    Mens Hidden Travel Wallet | Cowhide Leather Wallet | Wallet with Secret Compartment | Concealed Wallet | 12 Card Slots | Clasp & Button Close
    As low as $69.95
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