These soft glasses cases in leather are for either single pair of glasses and they are also suitable for two pairs of glasses or doubles.  Leather Eyeglass Cases are  light and protective, yet compact enough to fit inside most bags.  They are made from high quality full-grain leather and together with good zips and special trims. Our Soft glasses case are things that you would cherish to own.

The cases are lined with satin cloth. This will ensure that the glasses are not scratched at all. The closures are with zips. We use zips from YKK company. They produce the best quality zips. Some designs are closed with fine quality velcro, to ensure smooth operations and no scratches.

These glasses cases are of universal sizes. So they are suitable for all sizes of glasses and sunglasses and reading glasses.

The double glasses cases are good for two pairs of glasses. May be a pair of reading glasses and sunglasses. Or any other combination of glasses will fit.

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